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Social media

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Who has the time to run a business on top of a social media page for that business? It's becoming increasingly difficult to learn and use any social media in today's world. But surprisingly, it's critical to know how to use the internet to your advantage. Why though?

Instagram alone has 1 Billion monthly users only being passed by Youtube (1.9 Billion) and Facebook (just over 2 Billion). That's just monthly too. A study done by the Pew Research center states that 2 of every 3 adults between  the age of 18-29 use Instagram. That's a lot of potential clients. And so many of those users already follow a business. 80% to be exact. On top of that, there are about 2 million monthly advertisers on just Instagram alone. Could you imagine Facebook and Snapchat along with those stats?

Social Media is now part of everyday life, and it is hard to get away from, and in business, there is no way to ignore it either. So most companies have started hiring social media managers to maintain and keep up on it for them. So now that is taken care of, they get back to work and check their social manager once a week and answer any critical questions that come up. That is untell you to get a bad review, or someone decides they're going to rip your business apart online. Now the owner steps in and tries to take over in some aspects this is OK, but an excellent social media manager should have a good response or game plan to deal with customers so the owner or manager can do what they do best. 

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